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The chemistry between Smith, Murphy and Slater is evident, particularly in the merrily nostalgic "Dancing Queen" which resonates with any woman who ever sang into a hairbrush as a teenager.
- Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald

Rockwell has also muted the broad comedy that has infected so many “Mamma Mia!” productions, especially in the characters Tanya and Rosie (Meghan Murphy and Cassie Slater), Donna’s two old friends from their rock and roll days in the free booting 1970’s. Murphy can be especially thanked for toning down her sexpot character from a two-dimensional cartoon into a worldly lady on the cusp of middle age who is starting to show life’s miles on her. Slater’s Rosie likewise reins in the man-hungry stereotype into a woman who really aches for a man in her life.
- Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Review

Meghan Murphy and Cassie Slater are rightly cast as Donna’s two lifelong friends Tanya and Rosie. The casting couldn’t have been more perfect. As many times as I have seen Mamma Mia!, I have never seen a more believable friendship than that as between Donna and her besties in this production, which is so convincing you’d think it true in real life.
- Ken Payne, Buzz News Chicago

I was again reminded how often funny, and occasionally risque, Mamma Mia! is, with Donna's old singing partners, Tanya (Meghan Murphy) and Rosie (Cassie Slater), making for wonderful comic relief.
- Seth Saith

...While fellow “Donna and the Dynamos” member, the earthy Rosie, is perfectly played by Cassie Slater. Her “Take a Chance on Me” duet with 1/3 dad Bill is among the best comic moments of the production
- Barry Reszel, Chicagoland Musical Theatre

Teamed with the excellent Cassie Slater, as Rosie, and the tantalizing Meghan Murphy, as Tanya, these three divas tear up the stage as Donna’s old friends and former singing partners. The ladies bring the audience to their feet, heads bopping up and down, hands clapping and bodies swaying, in everything they sing.
- Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Click the pic above to hear the cast of First Date offer some dating tips (featuring some insanity by yours truly). 

Click the pic above to hear the cast of First Date offer some dating tips (featuring some insanity by yours truly). 


The ensemble is exceptional and brims with talent. Beginning with the tight harmonics of the production’s Greek chorus, the Angel City 4, this quartet is comprised of the musically gifted Elizabeth Lanza, Cassie Slater, Patrick Lane and Michael Mahler. They pop up everywhere, commenting with their Doo-wop sound.  - Collin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review 


First Date
Royal George Theatre

The eight gifted actors perfectly nail their characters as well as the music and comedy (including) the excellent Cassie Slater. 
- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times 

Cassie Slater does a terrific job of inhabiting the role of Casey's sister, a suburban woman who appears tired of like, and yet nevertheless wants others to have that same exact life for themselves. Slater also plays other characters, which are fun and allow her to show a ton of versatility.
- Christopher Kidder-Mostrom, New City Stage

The Cast is quite good....Cassie Slater is especially strong as Aaron's Mother and Casey's Sister, and demonstrates excellent comic timing, with energy to spare. 
- Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Other standouts include Cassie Slater, who sings her tail off in vocal deliveries that strike the right alternating notes (literally) between hilarity and poignancy. 
- Becky Sarwate, Edge Media Network

See Rock CitY...
Barrington Stage Company

The vignette (“Remember The Alamo”) is actually the one that helps the show gain considerable altitude, thanks largely to Ms. Wooley’s powerful voice. Wooley also lends her strong vocal chops to the amusing “Crossing Glacier Bay” segment, as one of the three sisters…
- Elyse Sommer, CurtainUp Review

Things perk up on an Alaskan cruise during which three sisters (Hollander, Wooley, and Abramovitz) attempt to dispose of their father’s ashes. (The) book finds it’s spark with this scene and the women play it so well one wishes the entire show were about their Wendy Wasserstein-ish stoy.
- Frank Rizzo, Variety

As the girl, Lauren, the company gives us Cassie Wooley a moving, strong performance in this piece.
- Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

Merrily We Roll Along
White Horse Theatre Company

Jeremy Morton’s compact brimming with interesting ideas. And there are three terrific performances in three important roles…with a rich lower register and a nicely nerdy sensibility, Cassie Wooley is a delight as Mary. At the end of this likeable show it’s all about young kids dreaming of becoming the “names in tomorrow’s papers.” Some names to watch from White Horse are here in today’s.
- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune



Peninsula Players Theatre

Leading the cast is Cassie Wooley playing Sally Bowles. Her character is larger than life, and Ms. Wooley is astonishing. Her stage presence is remarkable and she has a fantastic, rich voice. Most touching is her rendition of “Maybe This Time.” Her character lives “in the moment,” and Ms. Wooley is absolutely believable. She is a charismatic delight.
- Marty Lash, Green Bay Press Gazette

Timeline Theatre Company

There’s Cassie Wooley (as Fiorello’s first wife) wrapping her lovely voice around the signature ballad “When Did I Fall In Love”.
- Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald (Chicago)

The glory here are the richly shaped supporting roles. As Fiorello’s first wife, Cassie Wooley makes the most of “Till Tomorrow” an exquisite war waltz.
- Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Free Press